How To Get Curls To Clump

How To Get Curls To Clump

Are you frustrated by curls that fall flat and won’t clump? If so, you’re not the only one! Understanding how to get curls to clump is half the battle when it comes to getting great curls. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Get Curls To Clump

Remove knots:
Knots, tangles, and snarls are the bane of a curly girl’s existence and can definitely stop curls from clumping. After washing curls, make sure to take the time to completely remove all knots or tangles. Do this by working through each individual snarl with a wide toothed comb or finger tips. Use oil or a luxurious conditioner to create slip.  You might notice you’re breaking up curl clumps while doing this, but that’s ok and part of the process.

Stop raking:
Many curly girls believe they need to apply product and than rake their fingers through their curls to evenly distribute it. However, this can actually be counter productive as it will break up clumps. Instead of raking, add styling product to your hands and emulsify between your palms. Flip curls upside down, and glide the product through the curls, applying without disrupting the curl’s pattern or removing clumps.

Remove excess moisture:

Before blow drying, curls will need to be as dry as possible to create good clumps. You can also allow curls to air dry if you wish. Before drying, curls will need to be scrunched. Cup the curls, and squeeze several times. Squeeze the curls like you’re removing juice from an orange, nice and tight! The more pressure applied, the tighter the clumps will be. Plop curls for about 15-20 minutes to allow them to form, and then scrunch again! This will force curls into the desired clumps.

Blow dry correctly:

Understanding how to correctly dry your curls will save a lot of aggravation in the long run. Apply the diffuser to clumps of curls, and don’t move until that area is dry, or turn off the dryer first. Blowing the air around the curls will disrupt the clumps and create frizz.

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