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How To Get Better Curl Growth

by Chelsea Castonguay
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We often hear from curly girls wondering how to get better curl growth. When you're trying to grow your curls, it can feel like an eternity before you see any difference in length. Understanding how to get there can make the time go by much faster. Here are some of our favorite tips for growing longer curls.

How To Get Better Curl Growth


Stay healthy:

While this can seem easier said than done, taking care of your health is essential for curl growth. If you're not nourishing your body with good food, plenty of water, and adequate sleep, your body won't be able to grow hair. If your body isn't getting enough of what it needs, this will become evident in your hair.  Additionally, make sure to take a good multivitamin to help cover anything you aren't getting through your diet.

Skip washes:

This might sound gross, but we guarantee skipping a few washes will actually help your curls grow. When curls are washed too often, the natural oils that keeps strands lubricated and moisturized are stripped away. As a result, curls can become dry and prone to frizz due to lack of moisture. Skip a couple washes a week and invest in a good dry shampoo to keep curls hydrated.

When you do wash, make sure to take it easy on your curls. Use a gentle shampoo, massage your scalp, and don't tear at your strands when detangling. Follow up each wash with conditioner and leave in conditioner to restore any lost moisture. A deep conditioning treatment should also be used at least once a week.

Great products:

Now that you're ready to invest in yourself and your curls, it's time to consider the products you're using. Cheap products, or those with chemicals can wreak havoc on delicate strands. Make sure you're selecting all natural products that are appropriate for your curl type.

When using your products, make sure to go easy on heat. While many curly girls love their heat tools, it can actually harm delicate strands. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before hitting those curls with a hair dryer or curling iron.

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