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How To Extend The Life Of Your Washes

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have curly hair, you know how important it is to consider how you're washing and taking care of your hair. When it comes to washing curls, less is often more. Over-washing can lead to dryness, and dullness. However, this is how to extend the life of your washes. Give these tips a try, and you can skip a few wash days for healthier, happier curls.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Washes

Scalp care:

When you're thinking about protecting your curls, you'll want to start by taking care of your scalp specifically. A healthy head starts with the scalp. You can do this by regularly applying a light oil to your finger tips, and massaging it into your scalp. This will encourage build up to be broken up, as well as better circulation to your scalp. You can purchase products specifically for your scalp health, or use your favorite carrier oil. You can also use a bit of water to refresh your scalp to help breathe life back into your curls when you're noticing they're getting a bit flat or tired.

Dry shampoo:

A good quality dry shampoo is your friend, not your foe. Utilizing dry shampoo will definitely extend the life of your wash, and it's important to use it correctly. Apply the dry shampoo throughout your hair, focusing on the roots. Go section by section, coating your strands with a light amount of product. Allow it to completely dry, and then massage into your roots using your fingertips. One of the great things about dry shampoo is that it's a multi-functional product. Not only does it work to absorb excess oil, it also provides volume and lift for second or third day curls.

Overnight care:

Taking care of your curls overnight is critical to extending your wash. Nothing is more frustrating than going to bed with a head of beautifully styled curls, and waking up with a flat, greasy mane. Instead, consider utilizing proper overnight care. You can opt to pineapple your strands, use a bonnet or silk lined cap, or get a silk pillowcase to protect your curls. Before heading to sleep, make sure you're spritzing your curls with water or a leave in conditioner to help hydrate your strands. In the morning, gently shake out your curls and spritz with a curl refreshing spray to help your strands bounce back.

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