How to care for silver curls

Whether your strands are naturally silver, or you’ve jumped on the silver curl trend, there’s a lot to be said for silver curls. Silvery hair is gorgeous, timeless, and for many, a celebration to accumulated life experiences and years behind them. However, as beautiful as those silver strands may be, they could benefit from some extra TLC. Here’s how to care for silver curls, and keep those luscious locks beautiful for years to come.

Do your research:

If you’ve been coloring your strands for awhile now but are ready to let your hair transition to its natural silver sheen, it’s going to take some time to let that natural color grow back in. In the meantime, do your research regarding how to best transition your strands from dyed to natural.

Update your shampoo:

Sometimes silver curls can take on a brassy appearance, but fortunately there are some great shampoos on the market to help with this issue. Blue and purple shampoos work great to help keep your silver curls from developing a brassy or green sheen. However, since most of these shampoos can have sulfates, which are drying to curls, you can try making your own at home, or searching out a product that’s curly hair friendly.

Go natural:

If you don’t want to add more chemicals to your curls, you can always try going natural with your silver curls are. There are a lot of natural curl care products out there, but one of the most beneficial is an apple cider vinegar rinse. Not only is this product widely available, it’s also cheap and non damaging to curls. Mix one tablespoon of organic ACV with 6 tablespoons of filtered or distilled water. Spritz throughout your freshly washed and conditioned curls. Allow it to sit for five minutes before rinsing out with cool water.