How To Care For Low Porosity Curls

How To Care For Low Porosity Curls

With low porosity curls, it can be hard for water to penetrate into the cuticle. When this happens, curls experience loss of moisture. As we know, curls without moisture are often dry, frizzy, and easily damaged. Curls are often more likely to have build up. Here’s how to care for low porosity curls.

How to care for low porosity curls
Minimize protein, oils, butters, and silicones:

Since low porosity curls are prone to build up, avoiding these heavy ingredients is important. If it’s impossible to purchase a product free of these ingredients, select one that lists them further down on the ingredients list.

Use warm water:

While hot water can be damaging to curls, utilizing warm water can help soften the cuticle. When the cuticle is softened, it allows for water to get in and moisturize the strands. Additionally, the warm water will help dissolve the product built up on the hair to allow it to rinse away.

Clarify your curls:

Don’t skip out on the clarifying treatments. A good yet gentle clarifying shampoo can help prep curls for cleansing to allow curls to be better moisturized. Use every few weeks or when it feels like curls might need a boost.

Use water based products:

Moisture and hydration is a low porosity curl’s best friend. When selecting curl care products, make sure to pick up ones that are light in consistency, and water based. Seek out lightweight oils such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and grapeseed oils.

Great Oils For Low Porosity Curls

Steam is your friend:

When taking care of your curls, it will be essential to open up the curl’s cuticle. In order to do this, the curl will need to be steamed or heated up. This can be achieved by using a steamer, or by spraying curls with water and using a heat cap. Make sure after using a steamer to close cuticles again with cool water to retain moisture.

Heat with deep conditioner:

Adding heat to your deep conditioning routine can help curls retain extra moisture. Apply the deep conditioner to clean, wet curls and cover head with a plastic cap. Sit under heat, or wrap hair in a warm towel.