How To Care For Curls In The Winter

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How To Care For Curls In The Winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to winterize your curl care routine. Curls go through a lot throughout the year, but it’s winter that wreaks the most havoc. Between dry air, cold winds, and hats, curls can be quite a wreck come spring time. In order to help you see your way through the winter and emerge with your hair still looking fab, we’ve thrown together this quick guide on how to care for curls in the winter.

Eat well:

Healthy curls start from within. While it’s tempting to indulge in comfort foods all winter, make sure you’re keeping it healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat your veggies, and exercise in order to keep your body healthy. Additionally, make sure you’re hydrating with plenty of water, and getting lots of rest. Stress and poor nutrition can prevent curls from growing.

Wash less:

Odds are, you’ll be sweating less in the winter and colder months. This means you can wash your hair less and get that extra sleep! Washes remove your natural oils, so do your best to avoid overwashing your strands and allow the natural oils to lubricate your coils. Your hair will be much less frizzy and brittle.

Wash correctly:

When you do wash your curls, make sure you’re doing it correctly! This means beginning with a pre poo, and using a cowash to cleanse if you’re not already. Scrub your scalp in small circles to break up any build up and excess oils. Once curls are clean, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Not only will this be great for detangling, it will also rehydrate any moisture lost during the cleansing process.

Avoid heat:

During the winter months, do your best to avoid over using heat. This includes hair dryers and heat tools, as they can be very drying and damage delicate strands. However, an exception to this rule would be to utilize steam to help your hair absorb deep conditioners and oils.

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