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How To Break Your Dependence On Washing Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Break Your Dependence On Washing Your Curls


We meet so many curly girls that tell us they simply can't go without washing their curls for more than a day or two. They tell us their hair becomes greasy, or oily, or is weighted down. However, we also know a lot of this comes from falling into the vicious cycle of shampooing your curls. The more you shampoo, the more issues you're likely to experience. Here's how to break your dependence on washing your curls. With these tips, you'll find you need to wash your curls much less.

How To Break Your Dependence On Washing Your Curls

How To Make The Best Of Your Curls

First things first:

Let's start with with the why. Most of us grew up washing our curls daily, and this has instilled some deep rooted habits that are hard to break. However, washing curls daily is actually quite harmful to your strands. Curls are naturally dry, and most shampoos are designed to strip the natural oils away from your strands. When you do this daily, your scalp will respond by creating an overabundance of oils to protect your strands. Therefore, you'll end up caught in a vicious cycle of needing to wash to manage the oil, but finding your hair becoming increasingly oily and dry.

Upgrade your shampoo:

To protect your scalp, you'll need a shampoo upgrade. Ditch your shampoos that contain anything harmful to your curls, including sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or artificial fragrance. Instead, opt for a low poo option, which contains less sulfates. You won't get as much foaming lather, but your curls will still be clean.

Do it right:

When you do shampoo, doing it correctly will save you time and grief. Shampoo is only meant to be applied to your scalp. After completely saturating your strands with warm water to loosen up any debris, you can apply shampoo directly to your scalp and use your finger tips to massage it in. This will break up any build up or debris. Allow the shampoo to rinse away. Then follow up with a conditioner applied to the mid shaft and down only. Focus on the ends. Allow the conditioner to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing away with cool water.

Apply dry shampoo:

On your off days, don't be afraid to apply a good quality dry shampoo. There are tons available on the market in a variety of colors, scents, and price points. However, you can also easily and cheaply, make your own.

What To Do If Your Curls Are Too Dry

Take care of curls:

Finally, your overall maintenance of your curls can go a long way to minimizing the need to shampoo. Before you go to bed, make sure you gather your curls up in a pineapple, or loose ponytail to keep strands from being crushed. You can also purchase a silk or satin pillowcase, which will keep curls from becoming oily overnight. Finally don't be afraid to moisturize your curls on days between using leave in conditioner or curl refreshing sprays. You can also mix up your hair styles to hide the fact that you haven't washed your strands. Learning a few good braids can go a long way.

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