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How To Battle Curl Loss

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Battle Curl Loss


Curl loss can be an incredibly frustrating issue. There are a lot of reasons why curls might be thinning out, either from hormones, excess stress, or even pregnancy. Some people, myself included, experience a lot of curl loss post partum as well. However, you don't have to accept this without fighting back! Here's how to battle curl loss. These tips and tricks aren't meant to replace medical advice, but will help you on the path back to healthier curls.

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How To Battle Curl Loss

Skip the tight styles:

If you're losing a lot of curls, skip anything that might create tension for your curls. Pulling curls too tightly can lead to curl loss or breakage. Instead, opt for styles that are gentler on curls, such as loose braids, ponytails held with scrunchies or soft cloth holders, and don't pull hair too tightly from your face.

See your doctor:

If you're losing clumps of curls when you shower or comb your strands, it might be worthwhile to visit your doctor for some bloodwork. There could be a hormonal imbalance, or other health related issue, such as with your thyroid, that could be contributing to the curl loss.

Add in iron:

If your iron levels are low, you might find your curls are shedding more. Add more dark leafy greens and red meats into your diet to boost your iron levels. Cooking in a cast iron pan can help as well.

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Scalp massage:

Lack of blood flow and circulation tot he scalp can minimize the amount of healthy curl growth you see, as well as choke off strands. This means you might experience more curl loss. Give yourself regular scalp massages to break up build up and increase circulation. It's also very relaxing, which can help minimize stress. Don't forget the castor oil to help increase blood flow.

Keep heat down:

When you can avoid using heat to style your curls, do it. While it can be convenient, you'll also run the risk of further damaging your strands. Allow your curls to air dry whenever possible.

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