How cowashing can improve your curls

Have you ever heard of washing your curls with conditioner? Cowashing is having a serious moment, and that moment doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. A lot of curly girls have found cowashing to be really beneficial to their curls, and this is how cowashing can improve your curls . If you love these suggestions, let us know!

How cowashing can improve your curls

If you’ve been struggling to find a balance with your curls, it might be time to head back to the shower and figure out what’s going on. Many of us still cling to traditionally shampoos. After all, we find the suds and that squeaky-clean feeling comforting as a sign of cleanliness. However, we have to remember that shampoos are actually detergents, and therefore are designed to strip impurities, dirt, and oil out of your hair. The oil is the biggest issue, as your curls need your natural oils to stay healthy and hydrated. Since curls are already naturally dry, removing natural oils can only lead to more problems for your strands.

However, you still need to wash your curls, right? That’s where cowashing comes in. While it might seem a little strange to use conditioner to cleanse your curls, it actually works! A cowash allows you remove product and buildup from your strands without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Additionally, it’s really easy to do, and most curly girls who make the switch notice their curls are immediately healthier, happier, and easier to manage.

To cowash, start with wetting your curls in the shower. Once your strands are completely saturated, take a small amount of your cowash and start massaging it into your scalp. Remember, it isn’t going to foam, so you may need to work in sections to get all areas of your scalp covered.

Scrub the cowash into your scalp, and use your fingers to work on sections that might feel greasy or need extra attention. Often, this will be on your crown or perhaps at the back of your neck. You can then condition the ends of your curls, and finish up showering to allow the product to sit on your hair.

Once you’re ready to get out, use warm, but not hot, water and rinse out the cowash. That’s it! You can then style and rock your gorgeous curls.