Get Your Best Curls Using A Diffuser

Everyone wants their curls to look their very best. However, sometimes allowing your strands to air dry can be a bit of a hassle. If you’re short on time, and need for your curls to look their very best, it might be time to consider using a diffuser. This is how you can get your best curls using a diffuser. Give these tips and trick s a go, and make sure if you love it you let us know.

Get Your Best Curls Using A Diffuser

Get the right diffuser:

Like all products, not all diffusers are created equal. Therefore, you’ll need to figure out which diffuser is best for you and your curls. Since the purpose of a diffuser is to allow your curls to air dry evenly, make sure you pick one that allows you to cup your curls, similar to a hand. If you have thick curls, you might want to pick something that can penetrate your strands to the scalp.

Layer your products:

Rather than add products while drying, start by applying your products right at the beginning. This way, you’ll save yourself some time, and your products will all activate evenly while drying. For most curly girls, the LOC method works really well to put moisture into your strands, and prevent your hair from drying out while diffusing.

Start with roots:

When drying, start by focusing the diffuser on your roots. Flip your curls over, and work the diffuser into your strands. This will help your hair get more lift and bounce, while also drying evenly.Once your roots are completely dry, you can begin working back down to the ends of your curls. Once your curls are totally dry, you can go back and fluff your roots gently with your fingertips to help stimulate more volume, and loosen up your curls as needed.

Don’t dry all the way:

Finally, diffuse your curls to about 90%, and then allow your strands to finish air drying. This will keep your strands from drying out from too much heat, and allow you to make any final adjustments as needed to your style. Give your curls the time to finish air drying before you begin putting your hands in your strands.