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Wavy Hair Tips – How To Get The Most Curl Out Of Your Waves

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you’ve got waves, you’ve also probably got some frustration. While waves can be enviable for their wash and go, beachy vibes, it can also be really annoying when your loose curls don’t hold as well as some of our kinky, coily counterparts. The good news is you’ve got a lot to work with! Waves are very versatile and with a little bit of styling assistance, you can get to be a little more curly, or at the very least, a more defined wave.

For thicker waves: To get your waves to produce a bigger, more barrelled curl (we’re thinking your favorite festival look here) you’re going to channel our favorite intergalactic princess (Leia, in case you didn’t catch it). Leia’s iconic buns also work wonders for helping define waves. To get the look, divide your wet curls down the center into two or four large sections, depending on how much hair you have. Apply a curl or wave defining product throughout your tresses. Begin wrapping your curls together to create a bantu knot (or Leia bun) and secure with a clip on each side of your head. Use a diffuser to begin drying your curls. This could take a while, so if you want you could also sleep on the buns overnight. Once curls are completely dry, allow them

Twisty braids: This is great because you can get a few days out of it with minimal effort. We don’t know about you, but we like to work smarter, not harder, especially when it comes to our curls! To get this look, wash your curls as normal and allow them to air dry. Once completely dry, use a small amount of wave or curl enhancing product and apply from mid length to ends, making sure to scrunch it in. Pull your waves to one side and split into two sections. Clip the back section away (you’ll use it later). Braid your waves down and tie with an elastic. Braid the back section as well. Once both braids are completed, twist them together and tie at the ends with a hair tie or ribbon. Rock this look for a couple of days until your braid gets too messy. Once you’ve had enough, release the braids and shake them out for defined waves! You can use some dry shampoo to touch up oily roots and a smooth balm throughout your strands to help tame flyaways.

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