The Curly Kid’s Curl Care Regimen

curly hair

When it comes to managing your curly kid’s hair, it can as difficult, if not more, than your own. When you’re trying to take care of your little one, you have to content with tender scalps, delicate curls and lots of wiggles. However, good curl care habits start young, and your littles are relying on you to teach them the right way to care for their hair. Establishing a great curl care regimen right away will save you and your little one a lot of time and aggravation.

Washing: Depending on how active your little one is, you might be able to keep wash days to a minimum. Some mamas of naturally curly kids put wash days off for up to three months. Check your kid’s scalp and curls regularly to figure out what works best for them and you. When you do wash, consider pre-pooing with a natural oil like olive or jojoba to keep curls moisturized and soft. For shampooing, consider a gentle, sulfate and paraben free product. Once you’ve shampooed, follow up with a rich conditioner.

Detangling: After you’ve washed and conditioned it’s time to work on tangles. Use extra conditioner if needed to work through tough tangles and take your time. As frustrating as knots can be, don’t tear at them. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to help manage the knots.

Drying: It’s best to allow curls to air dry. In order to do this, make sure you schedule wash days early enough to allow curls to dry. If you can’t wait, consider using a diffuser set on low heat. Cradle the curls in your fingers while drying to keep them away from the scalp, as well as helps them maintain their shape.

Styling: Depending on your little’s curl type, you can employ the LOC method to help style. Once curls are washed, you can apply a liquid oil and cream mixture to help create slip. Good slip will help prevent breakage and damage. You can also use a styling cream to help bring out our little’s curl pattern, or arrange the curls into braids, buns or twists.

What works for your little? Let us know!