The Curly Kid’s Bedtime Routine

curly hair

As the mama of a curly kid, you know how difficult it can be to take care of your kid’s curls. Developing a great bedtime routine can help make the mornings that much smoother, and make sure your kiddo heads off for the day with a headful of gorgeous curls. Here’s what to do :

Set a schedule:

Taking care of curls should become routine. Teach your kid young that just like brushing their teeth and tub time, taking care of their curls is an essential part of their routine. This way they know to expect it, and aren’t thrown off by a change in schedule.

Moisturize daily:

Your little one needs to learn the importance of moisturizing their curls as soon as possible. Curls need that extra boost of moisture in order to stay healthy, which will ultimately lead to less heartache down the road when it comes to styling and caring for their curls. Select an all-natural leave in conditioner or make your own product at home. This is a great way to get your littles invested in their own curl care!

Detangle when wet:

Detangling dry curls can cause more harm than good, so make sure you teach your little one to detangle their curls when wet. While their curls are damp from product or a good misting, have your little one sit with a special book or T.V. show so they’ll allow you to work on their snarls. Make sure you use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to work through snarls and tangles with extra care so as not to damage their fine strands or pull too harshly on tender scalps.

Seal ends:

Curls need to be sealed to help retain their moisture, especially on the more porous ends. Use a moisturizing oil to help close down ends of your little one’s curls before bedtime to help them keep moisture locked in. Jojoba and coconut oils are great choices as they offer great moisturizing benefits without weighing down hair.

Wear a bonnet:

Teach your little one now to take care of their curls now by wrapping them up, wearing a bonnet or sleeping on silk. Selecting one of these methods and practicing it daily will help them develop lifelong curl care techniques that will make styling and caring for their curls much easier.