A Curly Hair Routine for the Gym That’s Easy on Your Curls

Curly Hair Gym Routine

You love staying fit, but you also want your hair to look and feel as fabulous as your body. Maintaining gorgeous curls while keeping up with your workout routine is doable with some planning and the right products. Here’s how to make sure your curly hair continues to look great while keeping up with your fitness program.

How to Wear Curly Hair During Workouts:
You may have to play around a little to find the perfect hairdo for your particular texture when you’re sweating it out either at the gym or outdoors. What you never want to do is work out with loose curls. Although this makes for a magazine-worthy photo op during exercise, by the end of your routine, your curly hair will probably be a huge, frizzed-out disaster.

Some ideas for workout hairstyles include:
A high, curly bun: You can gather your curls at the crown of your head and loosely secure with a scrunchie or elastic.
Loose braids: Create one to four braids and secure the ends with metal-free elastics.

One, low braid: You can keep it simple by just pulling your hair back into one large braid and securing the end.
Frizz will probably be your biggest issue. Between the perspiration and all the movement, frizz is just lying in wait, right? One of the best ways to combat frizz, especially around the hairline, is to wrap a scarf, bandana or headband around your head while you exercise.

source: youtube.com @ Kate Scott

Another issue for post-workout styling is drying time, particularly if your workouts are very intense and you end up extremely sweaty. Or maybe you’re concerned about your curls going flat after exercise. The solution for both of these is to carefully fluff your hairline during styling. Some women can hit their curls with low, diffused heat after exercise to speed up drying along with adding back any lost volume.

Products to Use to Refresh Your Curls:
If you’re not the type to wet your hair every day — and let’s face it, few curlies are — then you’ll need a product to refresh and revive your post-workout curls. Plus, you want something to keep any “sweaty” odor away until your next shampoo or co-wash. You may want to try a dry shampoo product or simply use a wipe like Chic Sheets Hair Refreshing Dry Towelettes , which leave a fresh smell behind while wiping away frizz. For the ladies who prefer a spray product, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic is a good choice for getting rid of any odor while giving those curls a boost at the same time.

source: youtube.com @ BiancaReneeToday

You shouldn’t have to choose between great curls and a fit body, and with some planning and the right product picks, you definitely won’t have to. Now you can hit the gym, running trail or Yoga class in style, and once your workout is done, with a little assistance, your curls will be just as fabulous as ever.