Curly Girl Method Products For 2a Curls

For those who have already begun their journey using the Curly Girl Method, or are thinking about doing it, the process of finding products can feel a tad daunting. While it seems very specific, in truth there are lots of great products out there that are Curly Girl approved, and they’re actually quite easy to find. Here are some great Curly Girl Method products for 2a curls. Give these products a try, and make sure you let us know which work for you, or what you’d recommend to other curly girls.

Curly Girl Method Products For 2a Curls


This product has an entire hair care line designated just to helping you get the most out of your curls. They are a clean product line, meaning they put absolutely nothing into their products that could be harmful to your strands. They have several specific lines for various hair needs, including one just for curls. Users of this line report that it leaves their curls feeling softer, shinier, and easier to style. In particular, their leave in conditioner is great for styling and refreshing your curls.

Raw Curls Swavy:

This is another line that works well, and also has a few different types of products to choose from. They have a shampoo, which will gently cleanse but not strip your strands, a conditioner for after washing which also is moisturizing and helps with tangles, then finally as a good medium hold gel. For your curl type, a medium hold is going to be what you need to hold your curls in place. Fine hold isn’t going to cut it, whereas a heavy or hard hold will be too much and will weigh your strands down.

 Briogeo :

If you’re ready to drop a few dollars on a Curly Girl Method friendly product line, this is one to try. It works great, but it is a bit more expensive. Another indulgent product line is Innersense . This curl specific line will leave your curls soft and easy to style, but might leave your pocketbook a bit lighter.