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Common Curl Care Problems And What To Do About It

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Common Curl Care Problems And What To Do About It


Common Curl Care Problems And What To Do About It

Curly hair is never a problem, even though some may feel it is. Curls are unique and beautiful. However, sometimes curls can require a bit more care and experience some problems those with straight hair do not. Here are common curl care problems and what to do about it.


It's incredibly frustrating to be working on growing out curls, only to see it snap off. Unless you're experiencing a hormonal issue, most breakage is caused by mistreatment of your curls. To figure out how to solve this issue, evaluate your curl care routine to make sure you;'re treating your curls well. This may mean changing out some products, doing a better job protecting curls from the elements, or getting regular trims.


Some splits here and there are natural. While some products promise to repair splits, nothing can actually repair that type of damage once its done. The only to correct split ends are to trim them off. However, you can protect your curls between cuts to help minimize splits. Seal your strands with oil, and prevent curls from rubbing on wool or other harsh fabrics, especially during the cold months.


Some curls are more prone to tangles. If your curls are in this category, you'll need to take extra care when working on detangling them. Start from the bottom of the hair and work your way back up towards the roots. Do this with wet curls, using plenty of conditioner to create slip. This will help soften knots, making it easier to remove individual snarls or tangles. Rather than using a brush, use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to work through each snarl. This is a process than can be laborious, but is worth taking the time to complete well.

The Products You Need To Stop Breakage


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