Check Out These Tips To Grow Curls Faster

Check Out These Tips To Grow Curls Faster

Craving longer curls? Check out these tips to grow curls faster! We often talk with curly girls who want longer curls. Additionally, no one wants to wait for growth. However, curly hair often takes more time to show length. This is primarily due to the coiled shape of curls. While it doesn’t take longer for curls to grow than straight hair, the coils make it appear as though the hair is shorter. Here are some of the best tips for faster curl growth.

Apart from the shape of curls, curly girls also experience other issues on their path to curl growth. Often, curls are dryer than straight strands. This can lead to frizz, breakage and damage. Utilize the tips below to get longer curls faster!

Check Out These Tips To Grow Curls Faster
Healthy beginnings:

In order to get healthy growth, your scalp must also be healthy. This means your scalp should be a part of your natural curl care routine. Make sure you’re regularly cleansing and detoxifying your scalp. Massage it to increase blood flow and enhance growth. Scalps that have clogged pores, build up, or dandruff simply won’t be healthy enough to support curl growth.

Work in sections:

One of the things that can cause damage, which minimized growth, is tackling curls as a whole. This leads to tangles and knots, which can cause curls to break. Instead of taking on your mane all together, work in sections. Depending on your length and density of curls, dividing hair into 4-6 sections can help make it manageable. Sections work great for washing, conditioning, applying product, and even for some styles.

Maintain balance:

Taking care of curls can be a tricky balancing act. Too much of one thing, such as a certain product, can throw things out of wack. For example, make sure to toggle between deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments to maintain pH balance, and keep curls well hydrated. Too much of either can create more problems down the line, which can impact the growth of your curls. This also applies to protective styling. While it can be useful to help keep curls safe during the growing process, styles that are too tight can cause more harm than good. Know what your curls can handle and take it easy.