The Best Methods for Moisturizing Curls

curly hair

Have you ever gone to bed with lush locks and woken up with a mess of dry curls? We’ve all been there. Most curlies will spend their lives struggling to maintain the right balance of moisture in their natural curls. Here are some tip s on the best methods for moisturizing curls.

Increase frequency: When you stop to think about, how often do you really moisturize your curls? If the answer is less than daily, you need to up your game. Spritz your curls at least once (sometimes twice) a day.

Always pre poo: Before cleansing make sure to coat your curls with an oil to help lock in moisture and prevent them from becoming excessively dry.

Cleanse your curls: If you’re keeping up with your moisturizing but your curls still feel dry, you might have too much build up for moisture to penetrate your curls. Make sure you’re regularly cleansing your curls with a cowash or a good sulfate free shampoo.

Rinse with ACV: If you don’t have apple cider vinegar in your curl care line up, you need to think about adding it! After you cleanse, make sure you rinse your curls with ACV. It will help restore your hair to its most balanced pH levels, and helps increase shine and moisture.

Switch up deep conditioners: Most curlies have a few go-to conditioners in their curl care regime. You’ll need a deep conditioner as well as a protein rich deep conditioner to help keep your curls smooth and moisturized.

Seal your ends: After you cleanse or moisturize your curls, make sure you seal the ends with oil to keep moisture from escaping.

Go with silk: Or satin. Regardless, you’re going to want to give your curls the royal treatment by wrapping them up in silk or satin before you sleep. Bonnets, hats and pillowcases all work well to help curls stay moisturized, as cotton wicks away moisture.