Add These Ingredients To Your Conditioner To Boost Your Curls

curly hair

Not all conditioners are created equal. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, some are simply better than others. It could be the formula or ingredients, but we all have some tried and true conditioners that we swear by. If you’re still in love with your favorite conditioner but think it could use something a little extra, try adding in these ingredients to boost your curls. These ingredients are all natural, inexpensive and you might even already have them in your kitchen.

For dull curls: If your curls are feeling a little dry and dull, they might benefit from green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and caffeine which will help stimulate curl growth. The anxtioxidants will also help remove impurities from your strands and scalp, leaving you with shiner, healthier curls. You might also notice less curl fall.

For dry curls: A lot of curlies struggle with trying to keep their curls well moisturized. Adding some liquid gold into your conditioner can help. Honey will help restore your curls to their former glory by promoting shinier curls and adding back in missing moisture. It also smells great!

Oils: You might already be using oils to pre poo or seal your ends but that doesn’t mean your curls won’t benefit from them in your conditioner. Oils such as jojoba, olive, vitamin E and coconut are ultra hydrating and won’t weigh down thicker, heavier curls. For our curlies with more fine, delicate strands, pick up an almond oil and use it sparingly. If you use your conditioner to help detangle, adding oils in will also give it more slip, making it much easier to work with and style your curls.

Aloe vera juice: You can also use aloe vera gel if juice is unavailable. Mix this gem into your conditioner to get more noticeable shine and increased moisture.