A Guide On Cleansing Curls

A Guide On Cleansing Curls


A Guide On Cleansing Curls

Curly hair is like no other. Since it doesn’t respond the same as straight hair to washes, conditioning, and styling, it can take some getting used to. Whether you’re new to the curly hair game or just looking to gain more knowledge, here’s a guide on cleansing curls. Let us know if you find it useful.

Consider cowashing:

Cowashing is when curls are cleansed using a wash out conditioner as opposed to a shampoo. This helps curls retain moisture. Therefore, curls are better hydrated and easier to manage.

What to do:

Before getting started, select a product that works well for your curls. Not all rinse out conditioners are suited for each curl type. You need to pick one that works for you.

Rinse curls under warm, but not hot, water for 2-3 minutes until completely saturated. The warm water will help soften strands.

Put a quarter sized amount of conditioner in your hands and apply it to a section of your curls. Repeat until your entire head is covered. Using fingertips, massage the conditioner into your scalp and the roots of your hair.

Using a wide toothed comb or fingertips, work through each knot or tangle individually. This will allow you the opportunity to manage snarls without causing damage. Don’t use brushes, as it can further damage your hair and create frizz. The conditioner will create the necessary slip for removing the knots.

Stay in the shower for 10-15 minutes to allow the steam to open the curl’s cuticles. This will allow moisture to enter the cortex, hydrating the curl from within. Once you’re ready to rinse, use lukewarm water to allow the conditioner to wash away. Work it gently through your strands without roughing up your hair, as this will create frizz and disrupt curl patterns. Once the conditioner is rinsed away, give your strands a quick rinse down with cold water to close the cuticles back down.

Squeegee excess water away with a microfiber towel or T-shirt to enjoy cleansed curls that are ready to be styled.

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