8 Ways to Disrupt Your Natural Curl Pattern

naturally wavy hair


As a naturally curly girl, it can be difficult to find ways to get your natural curl pattern to stay. Have you ever struggled with how amazing your curls look on wash day, only to have them fall completely flat by day three? We have too. To help you avoid disrupting your curl pattern, we’ve compiled this list of 8 things guaranteed to mess with your natural curl pattern. Check them out below, and read more here .

1. Touching your damp curls: This is especially true if you air dry your curls. Curls in the process of drying are much more prone to creating frizz and changing your curl pattern. While drying, your curls are more prone to damage, so avoid touching them if possible.

2. Using the wrong products: It’s important to figure out what type of curls you have before selecting your curl care products. If your curls are fine, using heavy products can weigh them down. Similarly, using products for fine curls in coily curls may not be sufficient to keep your curls from puffing up.

3. Overuse of products: So you’ve figured out the perfect curl care products! Great! Now don’t overuse them. Going to heavy with your products can weigh your hair down and disrupt your curl’s pattern.

4. Brushing your curls: If you still own a brush as a curly girl, ditch it! Nothing is worse for your damp or dry curls than raking a brush or fine tooth comb through it.

5. Towels: The days of rubbing your curls dry with your regular bathroom towels are over. Curls will be disrupted by a terry cloth towel. Switch to a microfiber towel or use an old, soft t-shirt to wrap your curls after a shower.

6. The weather: This one is way out of your control, but the weather can definitely affect your curls. In dry, cold times of the year your curls will most likely not be as shiny, bouncy and defined as they are in warmer months. Additionally, your curls could be the victim of humidity, which will make them more frizzy.

7. Chemicals: Consider the chemicals you are using in your curls. Curls are generally pretty fragile, so using harsh chemicals or even ingredients in certain products can harm them. Avoid using chemical treatments like relaxers, and avoid products with harsh ingredients like sulfates and silicones.