5 Ways To Get Curls To Clump

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Do you struggle with your curls falling flat, or not holding their shape? If so, you might need to learn how to get your curls to clump. Clumping means your strands hold together, creating a defined shape. Here are 5 ways to get curls to clump. Try these suggestions today and fall in love with your curls again.

5 Ways To Get Curls To Clump


5 Ways To Get Curls To Clump

Add more water:

If you’re squeezing almost all the water out of your curls, you might be making them too dry for clumping. Instead, allow more moisture to remain in your strands. Water will help bind your curls together while applying product.

Use more product:

Usually, we recommend using a bit less product to not weigh down your strands. However, product can be utilized to help your curls clump. Products such as gel, leave in conditioner, and conditioner bind your curls together. This prevents wisps from escaping.

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Use the right product:

This goes hand in hand with how you’re actually using your product. If you aren’t using the right ones, then it’s not going to be super effective to helping your curls stay clumped together. You can purchase some lightweight products in order to use more. This will allow your curls to clump effectively without weighing down your strands. Don’t skimp when it comes to quality for these products; in this case a better quality product can help your curls clump more effectively.

Add more conditioner:

If your curls are dry or damaged, it’s definitely going to be harder to get them to clump together. Therefore, you’ll need to restore moisture into your strands. You can do this by using a good quality, highly moisturizing conditioner. Additionally, don’t skimp on your leave in conditioning treatments. Make sure you’re doing a deep conditioning treatment weekly, or even twice a week, if your strands are very dry.

Skip raking:

Finally, avoid raking your fingers through your curls while applying product. This can actually be counter productive to creating good clumps, as it breaks up naturally forming clumps.