5 Tips for Growing Out Your Naturally Curly Hair

growing out naturally curly hair


Do you feel like you’re in a constant uphill battle against your curly hair? We get it- we’ve been there too! Growing out naturally curly hair can be a long and sometimes tiring process. We’re here with 5 awesome tips to help make the process as pain free as possible.

1. Develop a routine: It may sound overly simple, but a good routine is essential for developing healthy curls. While maintaining healthy curls does require time and patience, they are far from being a high maintenance chore to deal with. Pick out a shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing product that works for your curls and you’re off to a good start!

2. Moisturize: We can’t ever stress enough the importance of properly moisturizing your curls. Moisture (also known as water) is the number one tool to keeping your hair free of frizz and breakage. You can grab an inexpensive water bottle to mist your curls in the morning and evening (damp, but not soaked!). It’s also important to find a good moisturizer for regular use.

3. Pick the right shampoo: Picking the right shampoo is crucial. Avoiding shampoos that contain sulphates will be crucial to helping maintain healthy curls. Sulphates aren’t entirely bad but amongst dirt and product they will also strip your curls of the natural oils needed to keep them healthy. Try washing your hair less and if it’s necessary, consider cowashing.

4. Pick the right style: Avoiding over manipulation of your curls is crucial to keeping them breakage free. Select styles like buns, updos and twists to allow your curls the opportunity to grow without a lot of stress. Making sure you are regularly using conditioners and oils through this process will help your hair maintain flexibility.

5. Use oils: Select an oil that is best for your hair type. Many curlies are utilizing healthful essential oils such as tea tree or rosemary to promote the health of your scalp. Healthy scalp equals healthy curls!

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