5 steps for plump curls


Have you ever admired someone with big, full, round ringlets? If so, you can achieve this look as well! The Plump Method helps you develop the mega sized ringlets of your dreams. Give these 5 steps for plump curls a try, and make sure you let us know if it works for you!

5 steps for plump curls

Co-wash and condition:

If you’re already co-washing, you won’t need to make any significant changes here. Start by co-washing and conditioning your curls as you usually would. At the end, flip your curls over and use a wide toothed comb to brush your curls up towards the top of your head. Add your product, and distribute it evenly throughout your hair.

Form clumps:

This method relies on encouraging your curls to clump evenly. While your curls are upside down, rinse the conditioner out of your strands with cool water. Allow the water to guide your curls into 6-8 large clumps. After the clumps have formed, you can gently press upwards to remove the excess water, as you don’t want your curls to be completely saturated, but your strands should still be wet. Once the excess water is removed, use the prayer method to smooth product evenly throughout your strands. Apply a curl activator, balm, and leave in conditioner. After you’ve applied product throughout, you can use your finger to twist your curls to create definition,


If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to learn how to plop. This method allows your curls to dry in their natural shape, while also removing excess moisture. Leave your strands plopped for about 30-40 minutes, or less if you have very fine strands.


We’re almost there! After removing your hair from the t-shirt for plopping, you’ll want to give your strands time to dry. While air drying is the preferred method, and also the safest for your strands, sometimes you might need to hasten the process. When that happens, you can flip your curls over and gently diffuse your strands. You’ll notice your curl clumps naturally separating as you dry your strands.


Once your curls are about 90% dry, you can gently separate the strands. If you’re prone to frizz, you can lightly coat your fingers with a lightweight oil beforehand, and twist your curls as needed to create more definition. After your curls have fully dried, gently shake them out.