4 tips for great overnight curls


Taking care of your curls at night is absolutely part of your curl care routine that shouldn’t be skipped. While it can be really tempting to drop into bed and not take care of our curls, you might find you regret it in the morning. Therefore, consider these 4 tips for great overnight curls. These easy to follow tips and tricks can help you keep your curls looking great from night to morning.

4 tips for great overnight curls


Before hitting the hay, it’s important to replace moisture that might have been lost during the day. Your curls work hard all day combating the elements, so treat them to a bit of TLC before you get some shut eye. You can refresh your curls with a mist of water, or even apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner to your strands. This gives your curls a chance to refresh.

Set your curls:

You can try wrapping your curls before going to bed to help protect your strands. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top or difficult; a pineapple, braid, or twists will work great. What this does is help lock moisture in, keep your curls from getting smushed while you sleep, and helps your strands keep their natural shape. In the morning, gently take your curls out of the set and shake them out. You can fluff your roots a bit to create more volume as needed.

Get some silk or satin:

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to start investing in some silk or satin pillowcases or caps. Silk and satin are inherently smooth fabrics, meaning they won’t tear or tug at your delicate strands. Silk and satin work really well for all types of curls, and especially those who are trying to grow out their edges, or have fine, thin, easily damaged curls.

Pick the right cover:

A lot of curly girls opt to use a bonnet or a cap to protect their curls overnight. Caps and bonnets keep curls close, allowing them to maintain their natural shape without being crushed or falling. This also helps cut down on frizz. However, knowing which option is the right one for you can be a tad tricky. Bonnets sometimes feature hair oils in the fabric, which can help keep strands smoothed down and supple. There are lots of sizes, from child to adult so you can get just the right fit. Satin lined caps are great options for those who don’t want something hugging their head too closely, but still want the benefit of keeping your curls from getting dragged across a pillowcase.