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This Is How To Correctly Apply Curl Care Products

by Chelsea Castonguay
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This Is How To Correctly Apply Curl Care Products


Do you ever feel as though your curl care products aren't working the most effectively that they can? Curl care products aren't all made equal, and don't work perfectly for every type of curly hair. However, if you're confident you're using the right products for your curl type, and using the products correctly, the issue could be in the application. This is how to correctly apply curl care products. Give this easy to follow guide a try, and see if it makes a difference for you and your curls.

This Is How To Correctly Apply Curl Care Products


This Is How To Correctly Apply Curl Care Products

The secret to correctly applying curl care products is to scrunch the product into your curls. Not sure what scrunching is? No worries; we're here to lead the way.

Scrunching is when you take small sections of your curls in your palms and use a crumpling motion to apply product or help shape the curl. The motion is similar to the one used to crumple up a piece of paper. Scrunching your curls help apply product evenly, and encourages the natural shape to take form. Scrunching only works effectively on wet hair, as doing it to dry hair will create frizz.

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How to do it:
  • Immediately after washing curls, take a lime sized (or more for thicker, longer, or kinkier coils) amount of product and apply it to your palms. A curl defining cream is a good choice here. A leave in conditioner is also appropriate.
  • Flip your curls over, and scrunch your curls in sections. It should take about 2-3 minutes to work through all sections of your curls. Make sure all strands are completely covered.
  • Take a smaller amount of product, about nickle sized, and apply to the crown of your head. You can also apply throughout your scalp, working towards the nape of your neck to encourage lift.
  • Repeat this process using gel, mousse, or whatever curl defining product works best for you.
  • After you've finished, flip your curls back over and allow to air dry. If you're in a rush, you can also use a diffuser to dry your curls more quickly.

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