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Selecting the Right Diffuser for Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to getting great curls, drying them correctly is key. You won’t get volume, lift or a frizz free style by roughing your curls up with a terry cloth towel or by blasting them with a hair dryer. While we recommend air drying to let your curls dry healthily, sometimes we don’t have time to wait for our hair to dry. You can help the process along by using a diffuser. Diffusers allow air to get to your curls by spreading it out over a larger space. This helps curl dry without creating frizz.

How to use a diffuser:

Wash and condition curls, then blot with a tshirt to begin the drying process. Add any products you might use, particularly a leave in conditioner.

Select your favorite diffuser and attach to the end of your dryer. Switch the temperature to a low heat and begin working the diffuser into your curls in a gentle, circular motion beginning with the scalp.

Cradle your curls in your hand to help them maintain their shape, and hold the diffuser in place, allowing the curls to dry before working your way through your hair towards the ends. Lift curls with the diffuser instead of your hands to allow them to remain clumped together.



The best diffusers

DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser: This diffuser take a little longer to work, but delivers great results! It has a patented 360 degree airflow which allows curls to dry slowly and evenly. This method delivers defined curls.

Elchim USA Bidiffusore Diffuser: This model offers interchangable grills, which allows it to deliver fast results. It includes a rubber ring which makes it fit with tons of different hair dryers.

Conair Pro Volumizing Diffuser: If you don’t want to spend a bundle on a diffuser, picking up a Conair at your local box store is the way to go! This diffuser helps create volume while also minimizing frizz, as well as creates defined curls.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser: This diffuser features nano-titanium technology which delivers ions to your curls to keep them from frizzing. Combine it with the infrared heat and you get quickly dried, well defined curls. The dome shape of this diffuser works especially well for curlies with long hair.

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser: The original ceramic diffuser brings negative ions and high levels of infrared heat to dry curls quickly and effectively. This method keeps frizz low and shine high.

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