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What To Know To Get Your Best Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There's no denying that curly hair is amazing. However, as amazing as it is, curly hair has a lot of needs. Learning how to style your curls to get the very best out of them is part of the curl care process. These are our suggestions on how to care for your curls to get exactly what you want out of them.

Washing: When washing curls, timing is everything. Avoid washing every day and instead transition to every other, or bi weekly wash days. Some curls with drier curls only wash about once a week. Figure out what works for your curls and go with that.

Conditioning: After cleansing, make sure to use a thick, luxurious deep conditioner. Work the product through your curls from mid shaft to ends, using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Allow to sit a minimum of 3-5 minutes while you're in the shower to let it absorb into your curls.



Drying: Use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to blot your curls. Whenever possible, allow curls to air dry after applying product. This keeps your curls from over drying, which creates frizz. When you can't wait for curls to dry, use a diffuser to help curls dry quickly without frizz.

Style: When your curls are wet, consider using Moroccan oil to add in extra moisture and minimize frizz. When you need a little extra pizazz, add in a leave in conditioner while hair is still wet. Once curls are dry, utilize bobby pins and claw clips to put curls up, which will keep curls from getting tangled in hair ties. If your curls need a little refresher, you can spritz a curl defining spray and use your fingertips to massage your scalp (which also stimulates growth).


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