This Is How You Do It: 6 Styling Hacks For Kinky, Coily Girls

1. Wash and Go: The goal of a wash and go is to capture your curl definition. In this tutorial, Naptural85 proves that kinky, coily girls can rock a wash and go just as effortlessly as any other curly girl. The trick is, you have to style your hair when it’s soaking wet. It’s like this: Curl definition pops when the hair is saturated with moisture, in fact, soaking wet hair is as frizz free as you’re going to get. The key is to apply your styling product while you’re in the shower and your hair is soaking wet. This helps to define those curls, seal in moisture and sets you up for multiple days of style — in fact, Naptural85 is so on point with this wash and go, she even shows you how to preserve your defined coils overnight and achieve second day hair.

source: @ Naptural85

2. Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment ($14): Dry curls tend to expand in an attempt to suck in moisture, which results in frizz. Conditioner’s job is to help your hair absorb what it’s thirsting for —water. So give those curls what they need right from the start and try this leave-in treatment on wet hair, I mean, really super soaking wet! Begin by taking a dollop of the conditioner and start smoothing over and raking it through your hair. Detangle with your
fingers. At this point your hair should be feeling super slippery. Put on a shower cap or plop your hair for at least 10 minutes, better yet, plop overnight, so your curls can soak up all of that fabulous moisture. (Photo via The Feisty House)

Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave in Treatment How to Style Really Curly Hair

3. Finger Detangling: If your strands are getting matted and tangled follow Liv’s three easy ways (Dry Method, LOC Detangle Method Condition Detangle Method) to finger detangle natural hair and remove knots and tangles! These methods will help you retain length, transition to new styles, minimize breakage, release your natural oils and spread your product evenly throughout your hair.source: @ LiveNaturallyLove

  1. Kinky Curly Curling Custard ($17): Is it a gel? Is it a cream? Who cares! This stuff is magical. Mahogany Curls, shows us how she uses Curling Custard to define her natural curl pattern, remove frizz and provide a lasting hold and brilliant shine without being sticky or crunchy.

source: @ MahoganyCurls

5. Rake and Shake: A great technique to achieve flawless definition and minimal frizz, this method must be done on soaking wet hair to maximize hydration. Start applying your leave-in conditioner by sectioning off your hair and begin raking your styling product through each smaller section with your fingers. After evenly distributing the product throughout your whole head, rake one last time, but when you reach the ends, shake your hair to release your natural curl pattern and add definition. Once finished, either air dry or diffuse dry, then marvel at your beautiful, frizz-free curls. Just follow along with Mariah’s easy to follow tutorial and you’ll be rakin’ and shakin’ in no time. source: @ Mariah Leeanne

6. Drying: Leave the blow-dryer to the Type 2 and Type 3 curly girls, ‘cause it’s a frizz magnet for kinks and coils. Type 4 curly girls want to reach for a diffuser or even better, let their hair air dry. Air drying will always give you the most moisturized, defined and elongated curls, but we get it, you don’t have all day, which is where the diffuser gets the job done. Remember to always use a heat protectant or serum to ward off frizz and minimize damage when diffusing your hair.
RisasRizos shows us the proper technique for diffusing kinky, coily hair for shiny, bouncy and defined locks. source: @ RisasRizos