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The Curly Girls’ Step-By-Step Curlscription For Styling Your Hair Right Outta The Shower

by Michelle Swift
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How to Style Curly Hair After the Shower
Okay curly girls, it´s time put away the blow-fryer and straightening tools and let your locks stray towards their natural tendencies. Years of taming tresses, heat damage, product buildup and working against your curls wreaks havoc on your locks and sets you up for a daily struggle when it comes to styling your hair. Well, listen up, ‘cause there is a way to style all curly hair types from wet to curliscious! You’ve heard the term wash and go amiright? Well, in order to define your curls and make ‘em last in between washes, you’ve got to help ‘em out a little bit with some solid prep work that starts in the shower. Follow along for your step-by- step curlscription for styling your hair while it’s wet.

1. Cleanse: DevaCurl No-Poo ($20): You heard right, curly girls want to stay away from shampoo. Most shampoos are filled with sulfates, silicones, parabens and alcohol which dry out your hair, strip it of it’s natural oils and coat your tresses with buildup which will weigh your hair down and ruin your natural curl pattern. Join the movement and rid your product stash of shampoo and stock up on this sulfate-free No-Poo instead. This non-lathering cleanser, yep no bubbles… Bubbles = detergent which will lead to dry, brittle and damaged hair. Stick with the no poo method long enough and you’re hair will become so hydrated and healthy, that you can skip cleansing and move on to co-washing (cleansing with conditioner) instead.

source: youutube.com @ DevaCurl

2. Condition: DevaCurl One Condition ($20): Curls need moisture and conditioner is the elixir of life for every type of curl. In fact, for most curl types you’ll want to actually leave in some or all of your conditioner before styling your hair. We know, you’re thinking greasy, weighed-down locks, but that’s not the case! Curly hair has this amazing tendency to naturally soak up the conditioner that it needs and releases what it doesn’t. For healthy, happy curls follow the video tutorial by gliding the conditioner through your tresses from root to tip with your fingers and scrunch that same section of hair right up to your scalp and squeeze. What you’ll hear is a squishy sound almost like squeezing moisture from a sponge. That sound means your hair is nice and hydrated.
source: youutube.com @ DevaCurl

3. Scrunch: DevaTowel ($20): As you step outta the shower reach for this microfiber towel and scrunch-squeeze your hair a few times in order to absorb extra moisture while reintroducing your natural curl pattern back to your hair. Don’t you dare use your bath towel as it will soak up too much moisture from your curls and the rough fabric will leave your locks dry and frizzy. If you don’t want to purchase another hair accessory and have an old cotton t-shirt lying around, by all means use it, but this DevaTowel is pretty darn luxurious! source: youutube.com @ DevaCurl

4. Style: Ultra Defining Gel ($20): One word— gel-ous. If you want lust-worthy curls this alcohol and silicone-free gel will be your go-to styling product. Gel gives curly girls’ some hold without the dreaded crunch-factor. For your best curls ever, apply about a half palmful of gel throughout your whole head while scrunching your hair upward toward your scalp. The neat thing about gel is that as your hair is drying it crystallizes to your strands forming a moisture-protective barrier (which DevaCurl calls “Curl Cast”) that sets curls while preventing frizz.source: youutube.com @ DevaCurl

5. Add Volume: DevaClips ($12): Give yourself a root lift with a little help from these clips. Check out the video tutorial to learn the correct clipping technique to give your crown some oomph. If your curls tend to contract a lot, you may want to place a clip on the ends of your wet hair to weigh them down while drying so that they can stretch out to appear longer. source: youutube.com @ DevaCurl

6. Air Dry: Plopping With A T-Shirt: Welcome to your new frizz-free method for drying your curls. Plopping accordions your curls, helping them air dry into the defined spirals they are meant to be. The cotton t-shirt cocoons your curls from the air and elements, protecting it from flyaway and frizz all while lifting your locks to avoid flat hair. source: youtube.com @ DiscoCurls

7. Diffuse: Devafuser ($45): Sometimes air drying isn’t speedy enough which is where this “handy” diffuser comes to rescue. Attach this universal diffuser to your blow dryer to gently dry your tresses from the inside out, creating soft, frizz-free curls with minimal heat damage. This uniquely designed diffuser is shaped like a hand to enhance natural curl definition, while adding a volume and lift to all curl types. source: youtube.com @ DevachanSalonandSpa

From cleansing all the way to diffusing, if you follow this wash and go routine religiously, then you’re on your way to beautiful curls every day. Remember, as your hair gets healthier and more hydrated your cleanse and style routine will become shorter and shorter.

Michelle Swift

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