How To Safely Straighten Your Curls

While we love it when curly girls rock their natural style, we also know it can be fun to mix things up. While using a straightener regularly can be harmful to your delicate curls, you can use it occasionally to try out different styles. If you decide to rock some straight tresses, make sure you’re keeping your curls from becoming damaged in the process. Here’s how to safely straighten your curls. Give these suggestions a try to enjoy straight and silky strands.

How To Safely Straighten Your Curls

Prep your curls:

Before you begin, make sure your curls are prepped for working with a heat tool. Start by washing your curls with a gentle cleansing shampoo to remove build up, oil, and old product. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment, and allow it to sit for an hour before rinsing with cool water. Apply a straightening serum throughout your strands, making sure to pick something that protects strands from heat. Remove excess water from your curls by gentle blotting your strands. Allow your curls to completely dry before you begin applying a heat tool.

Pick the right tools:

Having the right flat iron is important. While it can be tempting to go with a less expensive option, the cheaper ones often don’t have the ability to manage the heat settings, and don’t have as good a plate to protect your curls from heat. Additionally, avoid any type of flat iron or other heat tool that promises you can apply heat to wet hair to straighten it. Applying heat, such as from a flat iron, to soaking wet curls can cause extensive damage.

Using the tool:

After you’ve washed your curls, applied product, and dried your strands, it’s time to start working with your flat iron. Spray your curls thoroughly with a heat protecting spray, then allow it to dry. Section your curls into 6-8 even sections, based upon the length and density of your strands. Clip up the sections you aren’t working with. Begin from the back, and take a small amount of hair. Starting from about an inch away from your scalp, run the flat iron through your strands. Follow with a fine toothed comb to help straighten out your hair. Continue to work your way up your head, allowing each section to completely cool before moving on. Spray it with hair spray, and then run a comb through to help flyaways and frizz lie flat.


After you’ve straightening your curls, you can finish with a bit of shine serum. Take your favorite smoothing balm and apply it to your fingers. Run it through your strands, focusing on areas where it might be frizzier or have more flyaways. You can water it down a bit if necessary. Finish with some hairspray, and enjoy your new look!