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How To Love Your Frizzy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Now that summer is here, there are tons of articles and blogs on how to manage your frizz. We even publish them ourselves! While we understand that frizz can often feel like a nuisance for curly girls, there are many of you who love your curls exactly as they are. Frizz and all! We want you to love your curls, frizz and all, so here's how to love your frizzy curls.

How To Love Your Frizzy Curls


Tresemme spokesperson and hairstylist Jeanie Syfu is leading the trend in loving frizz. She teamed up with Refinery29 to develop these gorgeous styles to show off how beautiful frizz can be.

When creating a frizzy style, begin with what you've got! Invest your time in getting to know your natural curls exactly as they are. Odds are, your curls already have some naturally frizzy tendencies. Since curls tend to run on the dry side, strands will attempt to draw water from the air. This can help curls develop a bit of frizz. Increasing hydration levels in your curls will minimize frizz, whereas a little water deprivation can allow frizz to shine through.

What To Know About Managing Frizzy Curls

In order to get a frizz look, you also don't want to completely abandon product. Instead, continue to use curl defining products. Your application will be a bit different. When you want more defined curls, apply to soaking wet curls. When you want to show off some frizz, allow your curls to air dry to 80% and then apply your product of choice.

How To Love Your Frizzy Curls


Use it to your advantage:

Frizzy curls don't have to be something you combat. Instead, use it to your advantage. As shown above, frizz can help you develop hair styles by giving braids and pony tails an extra boost of volume. Play your frizz up by developing sky high buns, faux hawks, and chic boho braids.  Frizzy curls are particularly fabulous to work with on second or third day curls, so you're not worried about trying to maintain, but rather can use curls as they are.

How To Love Your Frizzy Curls


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