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How To Get The Best Natural Curl Style Every Time

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to styling your curls, there are a lot of suggestions out there. Knowing how to style your natural curls can make your day much easier, and decrease time spent in front of the mirror. Make your wash day that much easier with these great tips and tricks.

Section and detangle curls: After cleansing and before styling, make sure curls are damp and you've applied a leave in conditioner. This will keep your curls moisturized, which makes them much easier to work with. Work through tangles with your fingers or a wide toothed comb before starting to style. Curls that aren't tangled will be much smoother, and will be less likely to knot or frizz up.

Moisturize curls: Keeping curls moisturized will be key to working with them successfully. You can create your own moisturizing spray by mixing water, aloe vera juice or your favorite leave in conditioner in a spray bottle. Spritz into your curls and seal the moisture in with shea butter or an oil. Don't saturate curls, but instead dampen them to make them easier to style.

Add product: Select the right kind of product for your curl's individual needs. For those with tighter, kinky coils, consider using a gel to achieve defined hold that lasts. If you have looser curls that are more wave like, consider a lighter styling creme. Apply by using the pray method, adding product to your palms and then working it through your hair from mid shaft to ends.

Style and dry: Once you've applied product, twist your curls to create definition, and allow them to air dry. Create sections based upon your curl's length (more for shorter curls, less for longer). Once they're completely dried, gently shake them, separating each twist out to create volumized curls. Spray with a setting spray to help great gorgeous, defined curls!


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