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The Best Braided Looks for Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Braids have been having a serious moment for awhile now, and when paired with curls, the looks you can create are endless! As oppose to those with straight hair, curls can give you tons of options when it comes to styling, especially regarding hold and volume. Whether you’re looking to help beat the heat this summer by keeping your curls off your neck or planning your festival look, we’ve got you covered. Check out these great (and easy) braided looks to get your boho chic on and don’t forget your flower crowns!

loose braid


Half braid: This look is perfect when you want something quick that also can be dressed up or done. To get this braid, begin by parting your curls deeply to the side and begin a French braid. Continue to work the braid downward, wrapping it around your head by picking up extra strands. When you get to the other side of your head, make a new French braid by using the already made one and picking up extra strands. Once you reach the middle part of the hair, leave it undone and blend it into your thick curls to hold the braid in place.

curly braid


Loose braid: This braid looks super intense, but it’s actually very easy! Start by parting the curls on the crown of your head into two sections. Beginning at the nape of your neck, create a looser braid, working down to the ends of your curls and securing with a hair tie. Undo one section and work that section into a loose braid, securing at the end with another hair tie. Repeat with the last section of unbraided curls. Take the braid from the right side and wrap it around, tucking the ends into the middle braid, and repeat with the other side. The trick to getting an unpolished look is not being too formal with how you pin the braids. Wrap them more than once, rough them up a little or take an asymmetrical approach to get a boho feel.

braided bun


Braided bun: You get two looks for one and it’s simple to achieve. Shake your curls out so they’re nice and look, making sure to pre separate so you don’t tear or rip tangles. Start by braiding your curls from one side of your head to the other (whichever you prefer), making sure to pick up excess pieces as you go and incorporating them into the braid. Once you’ve reached the other side of your head, loosely tie the braid with an elastic. Twist the ponytail into an unstructured bun and pin into place. Pull some tendrils loose to frame your face.

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