Winter Proof Protective Hair Styles

Winter Proof Protective Hair Styles

Winter is here, and with it comes cold, harsh weather. While there’s no shortage of fuzzy hats and warm scarves to keep us cozy, our curls can take a beating. The cold winds and dry weather can very quickly damage delicate curls. Therefore, you’ll need to have some protective styles on the ready. Here are our favorite winter proof protective hair styles. Use these to protect your curls this winter and enjoy fresh, healthy curls this spring.

Winter Proof Protective Hair Styles

Hydrating DIY Winter Curl Care Mask

Crochet braids:

This style is easy, making it very friendly for beginners. Since having perfect braids isn’t a requirement, this makes this look easy to achieve. As a result, you can customize crochet braids to meet a variety of curl care needs.

Faux locs:

If you’re willing to do a bit more work to get the look you’d like, consider faux locs. However, this is much faster than sitting through extensions. This faux locs are soft, curly, and easy to style. Therefore, you can use these locs to style your curls however you want throughout the winter and get a variety of great looks.

Box braids:

This is another look that can be easily achieved, and will last for several weeks. You can opt to keep it simple with traditional box braids, or mix it up by adding cornrows between your braids. Box braids work particularly well because they lock moisture inside the braid, preventing the interior of your hair from exposure to the elements. This means that more hair will escape damage. However, you will need to regularly moisturize your curls while in the braids, and make sure you’re removing your hair every few weeks to allow curls time to rest.

What To Do After Taking Down Braids

Senegalese twists:

If you’re looking for a simple, yet absolutely gorgeous protective style, these twists are for you. Additionally, these are much easier to remove from your curls than braids.