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Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Curls When Wet

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Why You Shouldn't Cut Your Curls When Wet


Have you ever gotten a wet cut, only to find you were unhappy with the finished results? There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn't cut your curls when wet. Fortunately, a seasoned stylist with training in curl hair should know this, and will cut your curls dry. When you do book your curl care appointment, request a stylist with curly hair, or with extensive training in curl care techniques. If your stylist tries to start with a shampoo, make sure to speak up!

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Why You Shouldn't Cut Your Curls When Wet
Less time:

If you're crunched for time, cutting your curls dry can actually save you a lot of time. Your stylist won't need to wash, condition, and comb your curls to get started on your cut. Instead of spending a couple hours in your stylist's chair, you'll be in and out.

Better results:

Dry cutting allows your stylist to see how your curls lie and their natural movement, textures, and thickness. When curls are wet, it can be hard to discern. Therefore, a dry cut lets your stylist be very precise about what's happening with your strands. This also gives you more say in your cut, because you can see what's happening in real time. Finally, when your curls are cut wet it can be difficult to guess how much shrinkage you'll experience when dry. A dry cut lets your stylist control exactly how much is removed.

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Safer for curls:

When your curls are wet, they are more prone to breakage. Therefore, working on a cut when curls are dry will keep your delicate strands from being broken or overly handled. If your curls are particularly prone to tangles, it can be a good idea to avoid having your hair detangled in a salon and instead do it at home, then go in with your curls dried and styled as you usually wear your hair.



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