Why Long Curls Might Not Be For You

Why Long Curls Might Not Be For You


There’s a lot of focus on helping curly curls grow out there curls. While this is totally great, we want to make sure we aren’t leaving our curly girls who rock short strands out. There are a lot of reasons why long curls might not be for you. Hopefully, these reasons help you decide what direction you want to take your beautiful curl journey in!

Why Long Curls Might Not Be For You


Taking care of natural curls is generally more time consuming. When you begin adding length, the amount of time you’re going to spend caring for your care will also increase, especially if you want healthy strands. When deciding how long you’d like your curls, make sure you’re considering the time it will take to care for your strands. A wash, deep conditioning, and styling routine can take several hours. If you’ve already got a lot on your plate, length might not be right for you at this time.

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Long curls require a lot of commitment and dedication. You’ll need to spend time figuring out your curl type, learning how to care for your long curls, and incorporating their care into your regular routine. This includes regular trips to the salon for trims to keep strands healthy, deep conditioning treatments, and styling. You’ll need to learn some protective styles, as well as invest in products to help care for your strands.

When you do decide to work with a curly stylist, you’ll need to do your research to make sure you’re working with someone who understands your curls, as well as your intentions to grow out or keep your curls shorter.

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Finally, you’ll need to consider how much of a financial investment you want to make in your curls. Curl care products can get expensive, and the longer your curls are, the more you’ll use. Additionally, you’ll be needing more frequent salon visits to keep your curls healthy, so you might expect to shell out more for your cuts. Stylists who have extensive training in curl care might also charge more. If finances are tight or spending money on a curl care routine isn’t for you, you might want to consider keeping your curls shorter.