Undercut for Curly Hair – The YOLO Haircut Everyone Is Talking About

Some girls ride roller coasters and others brave the shave and get an undercut. YOLO so why not, amiright!? David Bowie popularized the undercut in the 80’s and punk rockers brandishing hair gel wore the undercut as a non-conformist fashion statement. Now it seems to be the haircut du jour that’s gracing the napes of everyone including A-listers: Rihanna, Pink, Scarlett Johansson and of course, Miley Cyrus. If you think it’s time to get the clippers out then we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about undercuts. Let’s get started!Undercut HairstylesWe’ve pulled together the top styles to give you the inspo you need to find your perfect undercut.

1. Full Undercut :


source: instagram.com @ diamondmahone

A là Miley Cyrus, this is the most dramatic type of undercut as the shave encircles your whole head. For girls who are confident in their own skin, shave those sides,narrow that back and you’ve got yourself one serious undercut.

2. Nape Undercut :


source: xovain.com

A sweet little shave at the back of the neck that lets you play peek-a- boo with your undercut. If you’re feeling edgy, style your hair up and show that shave off, if not, wear your hair down and bye-bye undercut. (via XO Vain)

3. The “Skrillex” :


source: thefashiontag.com

Running from the ear to the nape, this half shaved style also goes by the names of sidecut, undercut or simply half shaved, whatever you call it — it’s totally on trend.

4. Undercut Tattoo :


source: brit.co

Forget latte art, it’s all about the hair tattoo. Let your shaved nape or side bea canvas for your creativity and adorn it with some eye-candy. Check out these ten examples for inspo.

5. Faux Undercut :


source: verilymag.com

Not too sure if you’re ready to brave the shave? No worries, you can fake it with this DIY. We’re diggin’ the fact that you can dress up, dress down and most importantly,rock out this braided faux undercut!

How To Care For Your Undercut

Just like lobs, pixies and long layers, undercuts need some TLC too. Check out our well mane-tained tips for keeping your undercut in tip-top shape.

1. Regular Trims : When your hair is long you don’t really notice just how fast it actually grows,but you’ll be surprised at how quickly those buzzed hairs take on inches! Invest in some clippers, find a friend or start booking bi-weekly trims at the salon to keep that undercut in shape.

2. Wear Sunscreen : With your scalp freshly exposed you may want to keep it protected from the sun’s UV rays by applying sunscreen.

3. Fashion : You may have to invest in some edgier duds. The undercut is a bold look and it’s going to need the right fashion and accessories to back it up.

Tips For Growing Out Your Undercut

Your hair grows a half-inch every month, so when you decide it’s time to let that undercut grow it’s going to take some patience and these tips will help you through the process.

1. Embrace The Pixie :


source: minipennyblog.com

You did it once, why not do it again by trading one daring cut for another?

2. Change Your Part :


source: cosmopolitan.com

Try parting your hair (if it’s long enough) to hide the shaved side that’s growing out. If you have an undercut on the left, try a deep side part on your right side and vice versa if your undercut is on the right.

3. Camouflage :


source: popsugar.com

Get ready to become the master of buns, braids and ponytails to mask the grow-out phase of your undercut.

  1. Accessories :


source: cosmopolitan.com

If you don’t have a drawer full of hair accessories, now is the time to stock up on bobby pins, hair clips and headbands to secure and tuck away those short strands. (viaCosmopolitan)

5. Invest In Extensions :


source: dirtylooks.com

If you can’t come to terms with the grow-out phase of your undercut, the next best thing is to shell out some cash for some clip-in extensions and wait for that hair to grow.

source: youtube.com @ Milk + Blush

If you’re ready to make a personal statement with an undercut, remember — YOLO!