The Perfect Slicked Back Curly Ponytail

The Perfect Slicked Back Curly Ponytail

Ponytails are a tried and true hair style for curly girls everywhere. However, a great ponytail can take you from an evening out, to the office, the gym, and brunch.  Getting the perfect slicked back curly ponytail can be tricky. Here’s our suggestions on how to easily achieve it. Once you try it, drop us a pic and let us know how it went for you!

The Perfect Slicked Back Curly Ponytail

Step One:
Start with washed, styled, and dried curls. This look works great for second or third day curls. Shake your curls out and detangle any snarls or knots.

Step Two:

Part your curls down the middle. Get your hairspray and a boar bristle brush. Normally, we wouldn’t recommend using a brush in your hair but in this case it works to achieve the glossy, smoothed back finish. Using the hairspray, brush your curls back, spraying and then brushing. Allow a few moments between for the hair spray to dry. Don’t over do it, or you’ll find yourself with a sticky mess.

Step Three:

Once the hairspray has dried, take your hands and slick your curls back, holding them in place. Using a hair tie, pull your curls back to the nape of your neck and secure them. You want your hair to be held back tightly so your curls stay down without creating puff or frizz. However, over pulling your curls could damage them so don’t tie them too tightly.

Step Four:
Tie the hair back and hairspray it once again. Slick back any baby edges that might’ve busted free. You can also use edging gel to keep your edges in place. Fluff the ponytail, spritzing it with some curl refreshing spray if necessary.

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