The Easiest Updo For Short Curls

The Easiest Updo For Short Curls

When it comes to styling your curls, it’s pretty easy to find oneself in a rut. Everyone has a few go to styles for their curls that they often find themselves falling back on. However, sometimes it’s nice to break out of the same old tired ponytail and expand your curly style horizons. This is the easiest updo for short curls. It’s great because it can be  dressed up for weddings, date night, or any other formal event you can think of. However, it also looks great kept simpler.

The Easiest Updo For Short Curls

Start with dry, styled curls. This style works wonderfully on second day curls. Spray some texturizing product and fluff your curls up for some volume and lift. You can also smooth your ends with a shine balm to keep frizz at bay.

Smooth curls back from your face and gather the top half of your hair into a low ponytail just at the back of your head, but higher up than the nape of your neck. Leave half of your hair down.

Pull out on section on the side of your head, and twist it. Pin around the ponytail. You can also braid this for a fancier look. Do this on the other side as well, and pin into place, wrapping the excess around the ponytail.

Once you’ve completed the braid, take the bottom part of your hair and roll up into a bun. Use bobby pins to put into place, securing the bun to keep it from falling out. Spritz with hair spray to keep everything together.


To finish up this look for a wedding or formal event, you can dress it up with a flower crown, tiara, or sparkly clips. Pull down a few tendrils to frame your face, and hit them with the curling iron if needed to retain their shape.

You can muss your hair up a bit and pull down more wisps to make a more relaxed, boho look.

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