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Super Simple Protective Hairstyles To Try Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you looking for a way to up your protective hair style that's easy to accomplish but still keeps your curls safe? If so, you're in the right place. These are super simple protective hairstyles to try today. Give these styles a try to protect your curls, and look great while doing it.

Double twist buns:

This is as easy as it sounds! Divide your curls into two parts by creating a part down the middle of your head. Tie up your curls in high ponytails on the top of your head. Split the ponytails in half, and twist your hair into buns. Secure, and go!

Pigtail crown:

This is another super easy protective style that actually looks great! Split your hair into two parts, and gather your hair high on your head into two pigtails. You can either twist or braid the pigtails, then secure the ends. Cross the pigtails over your head, and secure them with pins. This look can be dressed up with flowers or hair clips to for a night out or for a great festival look.

High pony:

Is there anything more simple than a ponytail? We don't think so. A simple ponytail can be ultra chic. Slick your curls back from your face, and secure high on the crown of your head. For an extra touch of elegance, take a section of curls and wrap it around the ponytail. Secure it with pins, and use some hair spray to smooth down any flyaways.

Sky high bun:

Buns are so versatile. You can use them as a protective style, as well as on second or third day curls to extend your wash days. Flip your curls upside down, and gather your hair on the top of your head. Secure it with a cloth covered hair tie, and then wrap your curls around to create a puffy bun. Smooth any flyaways curls down, and use hairspray to help hold your curls in place. You can fluff up your curls as needed to help the bun get more poof.

Half top knot:

Top knots work really for protecting your curls, and are easy to do. Split your curls in half across the back of your head, and gather the front portion on top of your head. Twist it into a topknot, and secure. Use a curl refreshing spray to refresh your curls that are left down.

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