Styles To Rock On Humid Days

As summer approaches, humidity rises. When this happens, you might notice your curls becoming more frizzy and difficult to manage. Therefore, it’s important to have styles to rock on humid days. These styles are easy to do, and will help keep your curls under control during the hot summer days.

Styles To Rock On Humid Days

Double headband:

When the heat is high, take your curls upwards. A high ponytail or bun can be really helpful for managing frizz and flyaways, not to mention keeping your curls off of the back of your neck. After you’ve put your curls up, add a double headband to add some interest, as well as keep your bangs or wispies off of your forehead. This look works great from work, to the beach, to brunch, and beyond.

Low twist:

Sometimes, you still need to have your curls look put together, even when all you want to do is throw your strands back into a pony tail. For those days, consider a low twist. This look works really well for second or third day curls. Start by refreshing your strands with dry shampoo, lifting up at the roots. Smooth your strands back from your face, and pick up the hair on the left and right side of your head. Create two twists, and tie off. Pick up the rest of your strands, and create a low, messy bun. Wrap the twists around the bun, and secure in place. You have a great work look that requires very little effort.

Big chop:

One way to completely combat the heat is to consider taking your curls to the shorter side. If you’ve been thinking about doing the big chop, summer is great time! A fresh cut can be the perfect way to start transitioning to your new, shorter hair style. A chin-grazing bob is super chic, easy to take care of, and removes any of the dead weight that might be holding your curls down. Not to mention, it dries fast, and helps keep the amount of product you need to a minimum.