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Short Curly Styles to Rock This Summer

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The summer is heating up, and so are the backs of our necks! While long curls are fun, it can be a beast to manage long hair in the hot summer sun. If you've been considering cutting your hair, summer is a great time to do it! Start fresh for the summer by lopping off your locks. Here are short curly styles to rock this summer. Make sure you share your summer styles with us.

Short Curly Styles to Rock This Summer

Short Curly Styles to Rock This Summer



This beautiful and classic style works great especially for kinky coils. If you're looking for a style that will show off your individual curls, but is still super manageable, here it is! This style is also fabulous for rocking great accessories such as earrings, bandannas, and scarves. There's tons of ways to style it.

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Short Curly Styles to Rock This Summer


Parted Pixie:

Will pixies ever actually go out of style? We don't think so, because this classic look continues to inspire stylists. Curly girls especially can really rock this look, because the curls give the cut extra lift and bounce. By removing weight from the curls, you can allow the style to really shine through. By giving the cut a deep side part, you allow for more hair to style across the forehead. This gives you tons of versatility when you style your new pixie!

Short Curly Styles to Rock This Summer


High Up Curls:

This look shows off your majestic crown of curls. Curls are gathered and arranged, so each individual curl is highlighted. The back of your neck and your head will be kept cool from the summer sun by shearing it short to the skin. This look will require a bit more upkeep, but it still offers many different ways to style. You'll also be able to place some tiny twists or braids in if you'd like to rock some protective styles.

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