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Putting your curls up for summer

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Believe it or not, it won't be long before summer is upon us again. Whether you'll be working, sitting by the pool, or hitting the beach, having sweaty curls on the back of your neck can really be a vibe-killer. Therefore, here are some great ways you can go about putting your curls up for summer. Give the summer days and nights approved looks a try, and don't forget to tell us which you love.


There are several reason we love this look. It works wonderfully for a summer wedding, whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest. It'll also be perfect for brunch, or attending a festival. Finally, this look can work for a variety of curl types, as well as different lengths of curls. Keep the braid and bun loose for a soft, boho chic look.


There are times when you want your curls to look nice, but really don't want any tendrils hanging down, or need your style to stay more locked in place. That's where this tighter rolled updo can help. This is another look that will really look great for just about any curl types. Those with finer or wavy curls might want to use a bit of dry shampoo to help create some grip, but with a few extra pins you'll be good to go.


When you have coily, kinky curls, you know your hair can become a ball of frizz when the summer humidity hits. However, you can combat that and protect your curls with this gorgeous braided crown style. A beautiful braid like this will carry you from a day in the office, to an afternoon by the pool, and then you can even use it as a protective style. Braids will help maintain moisture, so don't hesitate to give these a try.

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