More styles for curly brides

Whether you’re still on the fence about how to rock your curls for your upcoming nuptials, or are planning ahead for the big day, one of the most important things about your bridal look is how you style your curls. Fortunately, you don’t need to change your natural texture in order to have a gorgeous, true-to-you style on your wedding day. There are lots of ways to feel as though you’re yourself, without having to change a key component of your look. Here are more styles for curly brides. Give them a look, and make sure you let us know which are your favorites in the comments.

This look is elegant, timeless, and classic. This bride allowed her natural curly texture to shine through, using a low bun to help keep it out of her face. A few face framing curls show off her individual strands, and soften the look while still keeping it pulled out of her face. She topped it off with a beautiful crystal tiara, but you could opt for flowers, a veil, or no adornment at all. No matter what you decide to do, it’s going to be lovely.

Is there anything more elegant than a side-swept look for a wedding? We don’t think so! This is another classic and timeless look, one that you won’t regret when you look at your wedding photos twenty years from now. This look lets you show off your beautiful mane of curls, without compromising on style. If you want to add a pretty barrette, or hair clip the sky is the limit. You can also show off those gorgeous vintage pearl earrings your grandmother is going to loan you as your “something borrowed.”

Not every bride wants hair on the back of her neck during her big day, and that’s totally ok! If your venue is outdoors, or you’re planning on a long night on the dance floor, having your curls pulled up might be just the way to handle that. This look creates a high up bun, and secures it in place with plenty of pins. This bride chose to add a couple of trendy hair bands to keep extra hair in place, but you could do whatever feels right to you!