How To Wear Your Curls Like A Parisian

Is there anyone more effortlessly chic than a Parisian woman? We all want to achieve their flawless style, but sometimes that feels very elusive. Fortunately, we’ve tapped into a few of their secrets. Here’s how to wear your curls like a Parisian. Give these looks a try for an easy, breezy trip to Paris without ever leaving your living room.

How To Wear Your Curls Like A Parisian

Half knot:

A top knot is easily one of the best ways to show off your curls without putting forth a lot of effort. One of the best ways to capture the French appeal of this look is to keep it slightly undone. Don’t try to make the topknot too perfect, and tousle your curls just slightly to disrupt your curls and create a softer look.

Low pony:

This is another look that’s only made better by not putting a huge amount of work into it. Get some lift throughout your crown by using a bit of dry shampoo to help make more volume. Catch your curls at the back of your head, and use a bit of your hair to wrap it around the elastic and cover it. Then, pull down some tendrils to frame your face.


The French know that keeping it simple is one of the best ways to make a statement, so don’t be afraid to get yourself some simple, elegant hair accessories. Draw back your curls and secure them with a simple hairclip, or use one to accessorize a pony tail, or braid.