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How To Use Braids To Protect Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Use Braids To Protect Your Curls


Protective styles can be extremely useful when it comes to caring for your curls. Protective styles can lock moisture in, making it easier to style strands, and allow curls to grow longer. However, it's important to utilize protective styles correctly to prevent damage. Here's how to use braids to protect your curls. These tips will help your use braids correctly to help maintain the health of your strands.

How To Use Braids To Protect Your Curls

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Start fresh:

Before you begin the braiding process, it's important to start with a fresh scalp and strands.  Wash your curls and use a clarifying treatment if necessary to get fresh strands. Deep condition, and gently remove all knots. You might also want to consider gently stretching your strands.

Use a leave in:

A protein based leave in conditioner is an important part of your new protective style. Make sure to generously spritz your strands with a protective spray to help ensure your curls are protected from breakage before beginning the braiding process. Once you've done this, use a wide toothed comb to work through any remaining knots.

Create parts:

After you've completely detangled your curls, use your rattail comb to create neat, even parts where you'd like your braids to be. By taking the time to do this, you're ensuring your protective braids will actually last longer and look better.

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Begin creating your braids. You can do anything you'd like here; a three strands braid, French braids, or even a tight fishtail braid. The sky is the limit. Hold back excess hair with duckbill clips to avoid braiding it into your other braids. Remember to use a firm grip to tightly braid your strands, but don't braid too tightly to avoid damaging your curls. Braids that are excessively tight can cause your strands to loosen.


Once your braids are in place, you can use a bit of shine serum to smooth down any flyaways. You can now accessorize your braids however you'd like and enjoy! Remember to regularly refresh your curls, wash your braids at 4 weeks, and remove by 8 weeks.

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