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How To Style 4c Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you ever feel as though you're in a style rut with your 4c curls? If so, you might want to consider these ideas on how to style 4c curls. Once you have these styles down, you're sure to love your new styles.


How To Style 4c Curls

Full curls:

This look is fabulous for your a great daily look. This look embraces your hair in all it's natural glory. Use rods to style and stretch your curls. After you remove the rods, you can use a curl refreshing spray to help give your curls more volume and shape.

Braided crown:

Is there anything more elegant than an updo that features a gorgeous braid? We don't think so! This look can take you from the office, to brunch with your girls, and out for a night on the town. This look works really well for our 4c curly girls, since you have the texture and volume to hold it in place.

Happy pineapple:

Listen, who wants to have more time in the morning for sleep? I think we all do! Therefore, you should think about giving this happy pineapple style a try. Before bed, wrap your curls up in your regular pineapple to help protect your strands. In the morning, refresh the exposed curls to allow your strands the chance to shine without you having to put too much work in.  You can also achieve this look by pinning a fresh twist out into place on the top of your head.

How To Care For Your Summertime Curls

Braided bangs:

Here's another great braided style that can double as a protective style, and a daily wear look. Braid a thick braid across the front of your head. Keep it somewhat loose, so it protect your baby hairs and prevents strands from being pulled too hard. In the back, you can do a bun, poof, braid, or twists to keep things interesting and fresh.

Low bun:

This is another style that's really easy to achieve, but also super stylish and chic.  Additionally, this look works great for styling second or third day curls with a little dry shampoo. Slick your strands back from your face towards the back of your head. You can keep it as loose or as tight as you'd like. Secure your hair at the nape of your neck using a cloth hair tie. Twist your strands into a bun, and secure. It's that easy!

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