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How To Make An Amazing Twisted Ponytail

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're looking for a style to help refresh your stay-at-home style, you're in the right place. It's been really easy to fall into a bit of a rut, especially when it comes to styling or taking care of curls. With winter bearing down on us, it's time to try something new. This style is beautiful, easy, and would look great on all types of curls; the model for this one has wavy hair. However, no matter your texture you can give it a try. So here's how to make an amazing twisted ponytail. Give this look a try, and don't forget to share a photo if you love it.

How To Make An Amazing Twisted Ponytail


Step one:

Start with a second or third day head of curls. This will work better if your curls have a bit of texture, so refresh your strands with dry shampoo, focusing on your roots to create more lift.

Step two:

Make a part down the middle of your hair, and then pick up two sections on either side of your head. Twist the hair back, and then tie it behind your head using a clear elastic. Leave the ponytail from the first twist down, as you'll need it to connect the rest of the twists.

Step three:

Continue repeating step two, and pick up 3-4 more sections. This will vary depending on the length and thickness of your curls. For example, the model has longer hair, so there will be more opportunity for more twists. Additionally, if you pull the curls tight when twisting, you might find your twists are smaller. If you'd like a more polished look, pull the twists tighter. For a softer, more boho look, allow the twists to remain a tad looser. Continue tying off the sections by attaching them to the ponytail left by the previous twist. Complete twists until you get to the nape of the neck and have no more hair to pickup.

Step four:

If needed, loosen some of the twists to minimize any gaps between the twists, You can also gently pull out curls from the top to frame your face or around your ears to soften the look. Scrunch the bottom of the ponytail to create more volume and encourage your curls to pop up.

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