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How To Create A Boho Curly Braid

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Summer is almost here again, and with it comes opportunities for mixing up your curly hair styles. Instead of relying on the same old ponytail, buns, or braids, why not mix it up? Here's how to create a boho curly braid. This look is easy to achieve, works for all curly styles, and is adaptable for a variety of looks.

How To Create A Boho Curly Braid


How To Create A Boho Curly Braid

Step one:

Prep your curls. This look works great for second or even third day curls. Use dry shampoo to refresh and add some volume to your strands. Flip your curls over, and rub your fingers through your curls. Flip your hair back over, and use a curl refreshing spray to boost your curls up.

Step two:

Allow your curls to fall into their natural pattern and part. Begin by picking up three strands on the far left side of your head. Begin braiding cross the top of your head, picking up hair as you go. Keep your braids loose, and don't pull the strands taut as you continue braiding.

Step three:

Continue the braid across the back of your head, towards the right side. Secure with a clear elastic, and pin into place. Then, cover the braid end with your other curls. Fluff up the braid, and pull down strands to frame your face as you'd like. You can also create a braid on the right side of your head and pin in the back if you're not a fan of the asymmetrical look. Regardless, this super easy braid works great for a night out, at the office, a party, or even to manage your summer time curls. Let us know how you rocked this braid!

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